Thursday, December 26, 2013

So in my last blog/vlog I showed off my new knife from Cold Steel, the True Flight Thrower! Just saying Amazon has better prices than Ebay and I said that my knife throwing habit had a way to tie into Domus-Lux and the Age of Ornan so here it goes!

I really enjoy writing, but I think I enjoy playing characters from my stories even more. As you folks can see I have done a few vlogs recently where I attempt to portray Burdep and Gallar who are major Characters from the Age of Ornan. Of my characters my two favorite to play would be Burdep and another character only briefly mentioned in the Age of Ornan. By the time of these books he has been dead for thousands of years but I am currently working on writing the story that he is involved in. While Burdep is the hesitant Vashaarite (Christian) who battles with himself knowing he should do the right thing but preferring only to look out for himself this other character called Lupas is simply no good. He is a mercenary, assassin, and spy who could not care less about anything than what might please him in the moment. Considering his occupation this fellow I imagine as having a truck load of knives on his person at all times.

So for me throwing knives is a way to connect in some way with my characters. It also means I will be more comfortable with a live blade in my hands. For anyone in martial arts who has seen a beginner pick up a weapon there is always a very apparent awkwardness and fear involved.

A lot of actors like to find items that tie them in with their character and find that connection and while I might not be in a film as these characters I still enjoy connecting with them in order to portray them accurately in my books.