Friday, December 20, 2013



I know that I said my next blog/vlog was to be on the connection between my throwing knives and my books but in light of the recent controversy I have decided to post this and return to the knives next time.

As most of you know by now Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was banned from the show because he made comments about the sin of the homosexual lifestyle. I know that there are probably vlogs and blogs everywhere talking about this issue so I simply want to cut to the chase.

We live in a politically correct society which means that adults have not grown up and want to cry whenever someone disagrees with them but here is the fact of the matter regardless of what people may think. There is a God. There is only one God. This God is the God of the Bible. The Bible is true in every detail and is absolute. Therefor when the Bible speaks to an issue if you disagree with it you are wrong.

With this in mind I am not overly upset with A&E. After all it is a humanistic television channel run by lost people who naturally hate Jesus. You do not get upset when a pig insists on rolling in the mud because that is what pigs do. Being a liar a murderer an adulterer or gay is the least of lost people’s trouble. Their constant rejection of Jesus Christ is what condemns them.

With that said I am mainly writing to those who claim to be Christians yet stand against the views that Phil expressed in his comments. I acknowledge that there are issues in the scripture that are not black and white. Issues like which spiritual gifts are still in effect. But on this issue there is absolutely no doubt what the Bible says. Romans, Leviticus, and 1 Corinthians all speak on this issue and every time it is mentioned as a terrible sin. The Bible cannot be any more plain on this issue and for so called Christians to try to muddy the waters on the issue or to dismiss what the Bible says on it.

I just want to say this to such people who call themselves Christians. The only person you are helping by supporting the gay agenda is Satan. Satan desires to see lost people go to Hell and by telling a gay person that it is alright for him to remain in sin is to give him the excuse he is looking for to walk right into Hell.

Please do not use the excuse about loving people either. To let a person remain in their sin is not love. If you see a child playing in a busy road you do not turn a blind eye to it and say I love them and it’s not hurting anybody so let them be. On the contrary you would warn them and perhaps chastise them because the lifestyle they are living is destructive and will only end in their demise. This is the kind of Love Jesus showed. He never condoned sin put lovingly pointed it out and then showed them how to be free through him.

Honestly if you call yourselves Christians and condone the homosexual lifestyle you either hate these people greatly, are incredibly selfish or you are a fool. It is time for more Christians to stand for the truth and if that means persecution as in Phil’s case then so be it. They killed Jesus for loving people. If your stance makes you friends with people like A&E you can be sure that you are not showing the love of Christ.

In closing I am not advocating simply beating down on any sin when it comes into view. But if we should be clear on what the Bible says and if that offends people that’s okay. Lost people hate the truth. But by God’s grace there will be some who believe and will be saved!