Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good News from The Age of Ornan

Greetings again!
I come today with a somewhat late but exciting post as things have been moving fast in the two weeks since I last updated. The first thing to mention is that I plan on adding a new section to my blog. I would like to post on a semi daily basis devotionals based off of my daily devotions. Keeping up with a daily post will be difficult so it will take a while before I get it up and running but you can expect it in the near future!

I would also like to announce that The Age of Ornan: The Prophecies of Oruras Fulfilled will very soon be complete. I expect it to be available for purchase in less than a month, though I cannot say anything for certain!

Finally I would also like to mention that one of the most exciting stages of the publishing process is when you receive the interior and exterior design of your book. Working on these has been the main reason that I have not posted in so long. But with that said I do in fact have the cover for the final book in the Age of Ornan series!

I am grateful to God that he has allowed me the opportunity write and have these books published. Now as it is drawing to a close I just want to praise him more for it! I will also keep everyone posted on the progress of the book as it is finishing up and I hope to have the devotional section of the blog up soon and until then, God bless and have a great day!