Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Greetings From J. C. Pilcher!

Greetings! I am J. C. Pilcher the author of the Age of Ornan book series. I have decided to start this blog and my hope is to write something at least once a week but preferably two or more. The purpose behind this blog is threefold. For myself my desire is to generate more interest in my book series. My intent is not so much to make a bunch of sales. If I wanted to make money books would have been the last thing I would have gotten into. But my desire is to see as many copies of The Age of Ornan get out as possible! My second goal is that people who enjoy the book can have a place where they can learn more about Domus-Lux and the other elements of The Age of Ornan. I am also eager to hear feedback, whether that be constructive criticism or comments on which parts of the book you think works well! I also would love to be able to help other young authors who are aspiring to write or have written and are looking to get that much needed publicity. I will be more than happy to do reviews to help generate interest in other people’s books. Lastly the apostle Paul said, “I am not afraid of the gospel.” I am not at all ashamed to admit that had it not been for God I could never have accomplished this life goal of writing this book series. In my mind if The Age of Ornan ended up at the top of every best seller list but God never received glory for it then my book series is a failure. I have dedicated these books and as well as this blog to God and I pray that his will is done through both!

In closing I do also want to mention that for me the worst part of being an author is selling books. If I had my way I would give all my books away, but sadly as a college student working with a temp agency money is short and I cannot afford to give away that many books. But the good news is that I can afford to give away some! And seeing that this book series is a trilogy I will hopefully be giving away books as soon as I get some followers! So keep on reading and you may be the first to get a free copy!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section! If you have questions about Domus-Lux, the writing or publishing process, the author, or suggestions on how to make this blog and books more interesting do not hesitate to post! And of course if you would like to do a book review of The Age of Ornan please let me know, I can send you a free or very discounted copy! I would like to thank anyone who helps in this process. God bless!